Optimal Methods
Our Specialty is Software for Nonlinear Optimization
OPTIMAL METHODS software is used in the Microsoft Excel Solver and in the Lotus 1-2-3 Solver.

Microsoft Excel & LOTUS 1-2-3 Solver

OPTIMAL METHODS GRG solver is used in the Microsoft Excel Solver whenever “assume linear model” is not selected. Since its introduction in February 1991, the Microsoft Excel Solver has become the most widely distributed and widely used general purpose optimization modeling system. Since 1994 Optimal Methods has offered LSGRG2, a much improved version of the Solver used in Excel. It is able to solve much larger problems, is more reliable, and much faster. Both C and Fortran source code is available. 

[Download white paper "Design and Use of the Microsoft Excel Solver" in PDF format. ]

Many corporations, such as Merrill Lynch, Towers Perrin, Engineous Software, and ExxonMobil Global Services Corporation, use our software within systems they have developed for internal use and for remarketing to others.

Our software is also used in hundreds of universities, both in classes and research projects.